It fits me, too. Don't you think?

The burrows of mayhem. Disorder and chaos. Founding a place where frozen landscapes and unseen dimensions collide. Surely this is pillow thought. Jimmy thumps his head against the window. He closes his eyes and winces. Awake to the fact that this is real. What the are you doing? Vincent exclaims. Just testing to see whether I was awake in a daydream or shit-talking in my sleep. Do you know Mr Jones Sr. very well? Now there's a question, a stupid question for someone who seems to know so much about so much. He's rich. He hates me. Small people Jimmy, buy youtube views Vincent professes. Randy Newman confused a nation with such lyrics. Our bodies are just houses to ourselves. Mr Jones is an empty shell. The crabs have moved on. No shit. During a near death experience one soul can push another out and take its place. Physical being lives on. Personality alters, changes, gets all kind of ed up. Some souls can mutate and shift deliberately to and fro, thus occupying more than one body. Time is held in a transcendental prism. People you know become strangers. Strangers become people you know. Soul shifters desire this planet. They want the souls because they need to ascend the walls of yahoo buy youtube views evil. Every which way you die provides them with a pathway to spreading their world beyond its boundaries. Cancer is their tool. Technology has become their weapon. They fight with the angels on the fringes of every dying person's fading life. Evil usually succumbs to them. Good souls are usually guarded by the angels and taken to Angeltown. Sometimes one defeats the other and the contrary happens. Angeltown is weakening Jimmy. Angeltown? You're not just here by chance, you know? Vincent delivers acutely. I get it. Smalls is an AGENT, right? Tomorrow we'll buy youtube views youtube go and visit the Oracle? I'll save the world, Jimmy mocks. No Jimmy that's not what happens. Vincent is getting pissed off. You do realize I play basketball, I rob people, I paint ed up shit, and have rotten blood running through my veins? Yeah. Batman couldn't have been without ghosts in the closet. Jo Jo has just crashed the bus on a lonely desert highway on the borders of the Moroccan Sahara. What in the name of God, or more feasibly George Jetson, is going on? Reality has washed itself in fantasy and bent drama into science fiction. Sensibility has jumped ship. Confusion is taking control and the absurd is all of a sudden fashionable. G-Force. The God Phoenix is about to burn up the skies and someone's got a planet to save. Vincent continues with his obscure delivery. Mr Jones houses his buy youtube views fantasies in the soul of Joseph Fruscante. Then, he represents him in a court of law. He acts the victim and scapegoat. Judge and jury. The perfect challenge to vice. Fruscante had to avoid buy youtube views the death penalty because Mr Jones couldn't lose his fantasy. Mr Jones is more than himself. His weaknesses have allowed other souls to forge pathways into his body. He is who he is because he doesn't know who he is. His thoughts betray him. But Fruscante didn't want to be saved. You've got to be full of shit. The world's a toilet Jimmy and we're all full of shit. Jimmy pauses to think a moment, before continuing his quest for answers, Why do you want these two, one, youtube whatever, so bad? Vincent doesn't answer. Jimmy shakes his head, No. What the am I saying? I can't drop into this shit. I haven't had a joint in weeks. I couldn't